The Bad Apple, That Spoils The Bunch

Bad AppleYou are The Bad Apple That Spoils The Bunch. That quote is something you might hear in your head when you feel you are outside looking in. Hopefully you are fortunate enough to never have experienced anything like it, but if you have, then I feel you 100%. When ever you get the chance to join a social group, you instantly feel that you are different and don’t fit the description to join.

I have never been Bullied and I know that I’m very fortunate for that. But I work at my school with preventing just that, along with preventing Sadness, Depression, Loneliness and Ostracism among the students. When ever a problem or conflict arises, and I hear about it, I and all of the other members of our group take action. Any type of that behavior is NOT tolerated and does not fit with the School policy, Law or Human Rights.

The phenomena of group behavior, especially among young people, is a complicated and social question. Some like to compare it to our ancestors, that we still mimic their behavior in some aspects. Others blame the behavior on society, how outer influences make groups act in the way they do. Whatever it may be, one thing is clear, the groups are ran by a noticeable hierarchy. In other words, the group members are ranked by status.
The hierarchical structure may be unintentional in the group, and nothing that the group members think about. But hierarchy is sometimes intentional and very clear in some groups. I for example have joined my local army force, and the army is a great example where hierarchy is common place and very clear.

To sum up, if you feel that you are on the outside looking in, don’t worry. Just keep doing what you where doing, get some exercise and improve yourself. You will some day gain enough interest for they to come to you, and don’t forget to believe in yourself.

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