Fear of the Religious

Antichrist CrossImagine a society. Where every child gets to learn how the world and species was formed, in the first stages of school in their life. How the hard work of many men and women over the centuries has contributed to our understanding of the world, and how the future will look like. They clearly show that Knowledge Is Power.

Still, there are people around the world today who tries to disprove the hard work and progress of the people. They claim that everything on this earth and beyond is “created” by an “Intelligent designer”, aka God. They spit out their theories and hypotheses not knowing what the words mean, or what they implies. They think what they are saying is science, without understanding, or knowing, the scientific method. They think that they can prove what they are saying is true through faith, but it’s just faith, not science.

This is a pest, a decease, a cancer, that is growing. Once the disciples are taught at a young age, they are lost forever. We up north may not be concerned very much by religious fundamentalist’s, but a large part of the world is, not to mention The United States of America.

Do your part, and never agree with religious ideas on how the world was formed. They will certainly try to compare it to science, it couldn’t be more wrong.

Science starts with Philosophy, not religion

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