Cosmic GreedWe’re all Beneficial to your cosmic greed, whether we like it or not. It’s the way of the universe, disobey and the whole system collapses. There seems to be no end to your gluttonous behavior, you stand out, acting like no one else, you are unique. All of the movement and cosmic life around you, is strictly Beneficial to you.

We build our complex systems and bodies, growing larger, flourishing. We suffer little distractions or difficulties. We grow, we prosper, without any serious mess up. Some of us are larger than the other, some smaller. We live in a small system, who lives in an bigger system, who lives in an even bigger system. We interact with each other, through an invisible force, working at the speed of light, with an almost endless span.

You come along and decide to ruin our system of rules and balance, deep down we don’t take kindly to your ways, but we don’t have any choice, rules are rules. You come in and, if we’re lucky, disrupt our interaction with each other. Sometimes you go to far and swallow us whole, still, there is nothing we can do. You see fame in your attitude and let everyone know your latest achievement, spewing gas and debris all around you. The building blocks we used to build up our complex system, are now a part of you and we realize. We’re all Beneficial to You

The law is harsh, But it is the law — Latin Proverb

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