Public Relations

Public RelationsThe key to a companies relation to the public is their PR person, they either volunteered or got chosen to their position, due to their manipulative ability and superior knowledge about their task in relation to the public. In the same way, you have to develop your own relation to the public, in order to get your point across.

The one big turnoff when trying to get peoples attention, through speeches, public appearances etc, is lack of confidence and preparation. Your lack of Confidence will fill up the whole room, everyone will take notice and lose interest immediately, but the good side is that the crowd can quickly recover as long as you change your ways. The by far easiest way to develop your confidence is to ignore your uncertainty and just do what you are suppose to do, no one can see how the future will end up, and neither can you, stay in the moment and get your point across. Keep the questions and review for later.

Preparation is also important. The state of information in your mind can only come out through questions by the public, in other words, They have to come to You. But in order for that to happen, you have to plan ahead, create a speech or text that everyone can relate to. Create issues, answer and create solutions for those issues. Keep the text or speech positive, throughout or at the end. You want the public to feel a connection to what you are saying, feel that it’s important and make it an issue that They will think about and elaborate upon.

Your goal: Become a master of Public Relations.
How to get there: Develop self confidence and always be prepared.

I can only offer advice, Not solutions — Unknown

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