CompassionAnd you think compassion’s a flaw, And you’ll never let it show. And you’re sure you’re hurt in a way, That no one will every know.Linkin Park. Compassion is important in relations to others, if you don’t feel, or trying to feel what the other part is feeling, you cannot help each other and improve.

Compassion can be felt through, from and to anyone. It can be your soul mate or a complete stranger, you somehow know each other and feel what they feel. Still, you judge people by their status, or your own ignorance. The people you bump into on the subway are not as important as your friends and family, but they are still people, just like you. We are All born with compassion, but it needs to be nurtured. It can never completely disappear, but our own ignorance, greed and gluttony of the world overshadows it more that we think.

We would All feel allot better if we learn to Let Go, Let go of your selfish thoughts and actions. Find happiness in peace and helping others, your efforts are not concerned with results, reward and result will come naturally. Keep your focus on compassion and keep improving your acceptance, you cannot change peoples minds, nor do you need to. They key to your suffering is lack of Compassion.

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