Weak Soul

Weak PostureEmotion and Climatic pleasure comes before Logic and Reason for the Weak Soul. Religious worship of an inferior position to authority, letting Them think for you and make lifelong decisions. Categorisation of people, in terms of Pessimistic or Optimistic, is the simplest form of judgment.

Emotion is the moderator of the self. Direct anger, happiness or sadness express inner thoughts and feelings, and tels secrets of personality. Ignorance of these inner daemons and their source, allows them to Build Up and grow. Soon you lose control, and allow resignation to emotion. You may scream of anger, shout of happiness or cry from sadness. You are no longer in control, emotion has limited your development and decision making.

Categorisation of people is a way to fool yourself from your own misery. Optimistic or Pessimistic are the two hands that complete the body, the act of Leadership has never occurred to the weak. To stop complaining about the people in proximity, and start leading the way. The world has become full of people in misery, but very few leaders.

Obedience of authority is the easiest way of living to the weak. Confronting unfair decisions is out of the question. Taking the risk of fighting for inner rights is to dangerous, the opportunity of growth is clouded by the safety from your comfort zone. Personal decisions are made with safety in mind, and acceptance from the authority. Safety is top priority, even if it’s always been there, not Independence.

Freedom does not belong to the weak, they feed off the strong who fight for itLuciferian Manifest

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