Luciferian Manifest: Self-Aware Passage

LuciferMe, Myself and I did not write this. This is a snippet from the Luciferian Manifest that can be found here: It speaks about the things I have Philosophized about, Self-Awareness and Development. Without the external influences blocking your path. Enjoy.


Luciferians are in the world but not of it. They are Self-Aware conscious beings that can exist beyond the clan-mind and its cultural and social restraints. For such restraints repress the individual and inhibit self-development. Cultural systems that are built upon false security and false superiority harbor the weak, such systems are threatened by individualization and therefore shun it. It is the conditioning by such systems that prevents people from ļ¬nding individual light, for it instills the fear of being alone in the world. A Luciferian realizes their own isolation and is able walk alone, but is never lonely.


Whatever you learn, Learn it for your own sakeLatin Proverb

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