Stimulus before Combustion

Gasoline FireFlash point of Gasoline: -43 ℃, Flash point of Ethanol: 16.6 ℃, Flash point of Diesel: >62 ℃. It seems like everything in the universe has a limit to what it can do, and when it can do it. Some environments have the perfect conditions to sustain combustion, and the reaction flourishes without any effort. In some cases, there needs to be some Stimulus before Combustion.

Everyone is an expert within it’s own Comfort Zone. You know what to expect, where everything has it’s place and routine is etched in. You have evolved to sustain combustion in the environment you have created for yourself, and only in your environment. The world outside lacks the necessary components for your particular compound, or has to much of them. Sometimes you glow from lack of them, or burn uncontrolled from a rich mixture.

You may burn in a controlled manner, in a environment that lacks what you need. If, and only if, you receive enough outside stimulus. Some external force that heats you up to your flash point, and ignites you at the right time. The burning of the vapors supplies enough heat to sustain combustion.

Remember the things that made you who you are today, they made you Sustain Combustion

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