Universal Beauty

Hubble Deep FieldWhere ever you look there is beauty. In the relationships between people, there is beauty. In the interactions between plants and animals, there is beauty. When looking at the celestial bodies in the universe, there is beauty. When looking at stellar explosions with gas spewing all around, there is beauty. In other words, it’s all Universal Beauty

The Relationships Between People has the beauty of love and compassion, where ever the two individuals are, they are always on each others mind. There is the Natural relation, between the Feminine and the Masculine, they give each others life meaning. The Passive Feminine in the middle, sitting still, waiting. The Active Masculine orbiting around Her, constantly on the move, searching for His second half. They are both beautiful, and fit perfectly together.

The Biological Interactions Between Plants and Animals has the beauty of balance and biology, it’s what defines what is Natural in nature. Just like in the relationships between people, the Feminine and Masculine is present here to, all of the animals are searching for their second half, some each year, some are partners for life. Plants spread their pollen all over the place, in hope that it will hit a neighboring plant and flourish.

The Celestial Bodies of the Universe has the beauty of harmony and immortality, they slowly move across the universe, not aware or caring of our efforts. They represent what the greatest achievement of mankind could be, acceptance of the worlds ways and selflessness. They are slowly moving, accepting their place in the cosmos, not confirming any outside action.

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