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  • Kubernetes – Connect To Private Container Registry

    Kubernetes – Connect To Private Container Registry

    Now that you are hosting your own registry (… are you?). You probably want to deploy Kubernetes pods from that registry. For this you need two things: Docker registry credentials saved in a Secret imagePullSecrets in deployment pointing to said Secret First, Create secret: Second, Use secret in in deployment. Example: And you’re done 🍔

  • Pitiful Existence

    To find that you have reached the top of your mental landscape, is like drowning in the sea of eternal suffering. You are painfully aware that you can go no further, the seemingly endless creativity had a limit to it’s capacity. You are running on empty, there are only fumes left. There is nothing more […]

  • Public Relations

    The key to a companies relation to the public is their PR person, they either volunteered or got chosen to their position, due to their manipulative ability and superior knowledge about their task in relation to the public. In the same way, you have to develop your own relation to the public, in order to […]