Pitiful Existence

The ScreamTo find that you have reached the top of your mental landscape, is like drowning in the sea of eternal suffering. You are painfully aware that you can go no further, the seemingly endless creativity had a limit to it’s capacity. You are running on empty, there are only fumes left. There is nothing more to create, nothing to work with. All you can do is nag about your Pitiful Existence.

The life of an Artist, Musician and Writer is fueled by creativity. Without creativity, his life has no meaning to him. It can be a short period of time, temporarily, where there are some obstacles along the way. He may have experienced some mental or physical difficulties he is not used to, where the greatest symptom is lack of creativity. He may have been prohibited to express his inner feelings of reality, where law and order or outer influences are the obstacles. It could have been brought up from excessive routine, you are so used to how things should be, therefore nothing New can exist.

There are many things in life to blame, but Routine is the Silver Bullet. Many will say that routine is Good, you can get more things done when you plan them before hand and know what to expect. It only stays that way because you created it, you refuse outside action and to Think Outside the Box. What a boring and Pitiful Existence. You only live to serve yourself with your hard-wired routing, written in stone.

Break Down the Wall

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