Pride in Ignorance

PreachingIndividuals experiencing religious dogma, or ignorant labourers blindness of obvious flaws in their legislation. Every single quote in a book older than you and your entire generation, is the ultimate truth. Past, present and future. The righteous, democratic act of a workers union, sets the example for the group. Whereas the individual effort for change, is killed in an instant, and the one suggesting change bites the bullet. Proud of the biggest lie in history, or ignorance of miserable workers. Both traits are dangerous when combined, in other words, Pride in Ignorance.

Taking Pride in creative works or righteous acts are accepted if, moderately, expressed. Pride allows the individual to either forget about societies harsh guidelines, or embrace that she has proven her worth to the masses and is now an accepted member. Even if she is fully aware of her achievement, there is a cautious attitude lurking regarding her announcement. The common phrase Nobody likes a know-it-all, indirectly represents her frame of mind. To speak or not to speak, that is the question.

Seeing signs of Ignorance can be alarming at times, especially when the description adheres to authority figures. Not only is it absurd when the supposed leader has an audience, but many others may very well follow his narrow view of reality. Such as the highly fanatic pastor, whose financial and authorial success is fueled by peoples traditions and curiosity. Preaching for, what he claims to be, the truth. While despising and condemning any criticism.

Sometimes it seems that the world has forgotten its own enlightenment, when our highly religious views finally came to an end. The start of a new reality, where new perceptions required strong evidence and where old, previously, unknown phenomena got a rational explanation. Still there are individuals who refuse to follow, and would rather take a step back into history. A state of mind where emotional response becomes more valid than any rational explanation, and is not afraid to show its Pride in Ignorance.

If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance we can solve themIsaac Asimov

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