Concrete Existence

Fairy TaleWhen religion dies out, mankind still needs some form of fantasy to cling to. In the form of literature, film and comics. The difference being that the works are meant to be, just that, fantasy. Some still feel the need to adhere to their made up comfort zone, and do the necessary mental gymnastics. Callings such as Atheist, Agnostic and Non-Religious are evil, and part of a global conspiracy. Made up obligations, such as a point to existence, is the truth where the majority rules.

Fictional stories and their interpretation can go on for an eternity, and with a strong emotional response, they will. Many get stuck in La La Land and feel a strong obligation to pass the stories down the generations. Effortless Cherry Picking from all of the famous passages and quotations, ignoring all the sadism and bloodshed, turn their belief valid and true. Taught since day one, and lost forever.

Those without faith, aka critical thinkers, are the oppressors of humanity and part of the global anti-religion conspiracy to hide the truth. Ironically, its the other way around. What religion has accomplished in the modern world, is more segregation and stronger Us and Them mentality. Common sense and truth based on evidence weren’t enough, an imaginary friend is still necessary.

Humankind cannot stand very much realityT. S. Eliot

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