Kill with Kindness

Kind PuppyEvery good-hearted human being sometimes feel the need to help out, with good intentions and unexpectant of any possible rewards. It could be anything, such as: Donating hard-earned cash, helping a friend in need or giving valuable advice. Its such a strange thing, to feel better while depleting your resources. However, as with allot of things, it has an breaking point. The point where you start to Kill with Kindness.

Money has an awkward nature and is now completely subjective. Its only real material value, to the individual, are numbers written on small sheets of cotton. In which the kind individual happily donates, with its symbolism of value, to the ones in need. Counseling with significant others produce a calming atmosphere, removes stress and temporarily numbs issues. It spreads through the body like a drug, with hormonal transmitters from the brain. Instead of the tip of a needle, or at the bottom of a bottle.

Even if intentions are good, the individual may not be aware of the recipients attitude. The individual may be thankful for the kind gesture, mocked as an act of charity or thrilled from the attention. In any case, the dark side is, there is a limit to kindness. If the receiver get used to help without justification, she will be unable to help herself in the future and possibly die a little inside.

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