Nasty Sugar-pills

Sugar PillsWhen you feel bummed-out, and search for light in the darkness, you’ll find allot of entities promise you the moon. With few and, often, cherry-picked values from an otherwise sadistic doctrine. Allowing other people make you Feel Better is healthy, unless its done with an uncritical mind and faith-based claims. You may find, in the end, you’re Original Problem Go Untreated. While you could have experienced Achievement by Secular Means. There are Nasty Sugar-pills out there, keep swallowing false hope or think for yourself.

Whether Religion, Cult or otherwise crazy get-together. Initial recruitment is carried out with positive minded ideas and well financed public relations. Famous quotations by like-minded leaders are pasted on billboards and propaganda pamphlets shoved in your face. Lots of happy faces tell you all the benefits of joining, while keeping any Hidden Negatives on the inside.

Teachings regarding the supposed perfect moral code, compatible with any human being. Regardless of age, skin color or nationality. Show a very odd way of dealing and interpreting reality. So called experts and senior followers try to explain the impossible in terms of some Vague Symbolic Value. While hopelessly ignorant of obvious similarities, kind gestures and positive attitudes, to their own propaganda.

Faith-based organisations are usually very clear when acceptance and tolerance is necessary, though the opposite is true for some followers. Difference can be the most blasphemous act ever to be committed, especially when the second party express opinions openly. Argumentation is impossible, not only for the belief without justification called faith, but also the ancient philosophical belief of Causality.

Solutions to problems are not to be found in books without authors, nor following advice solely from one highly regarded individual. Solutions rise from reading, speaking, reflecting and taking action. Thinking and putting the pieces together yourself, instead of letting someone else do it for you. Faith is nothing more than a Nasty Sugar-pill. All success is credited to you. You made it happen, no one else.

We do not know what we want and, yet, we are responsible for what we areJean-Paul Sartre

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