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  • DarkAntics – The Sky Isn’t the Limit

    For the hundred of thousands years of our species existence, the sky, was of limits. Until now. Link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkAntics

  • TheThinkingAtheist – Afterlife

    YouTube video “Afterlife”, by TheThinkingAtheist Original (YouTube) Description

  • Concrete Existence

    When religion dies out, mankind still needs some form of fantasy to cling to. In the form of literature, film and comics. The difference being that the works are meant to be, just that, fantasy. Some still feel the need to adhere to their made up comfort zone, and do the necessary mental gymnastics. Callings […]

  • Wise and Foolish

    Before God we are equally Wise, and equally Foolish – Albert Einstein. The concept of a society where everyone follows the same rules, the same morals and the same spirituality, sounds peaceful and simple. Everyone is fighting the Good fight, and keep making the same mistakes.

  • Fear of the Religious

    Imagine a society. Where every child gets to learn how the world and species was formed, in the first stages of school in their life. How the hard work of many men and women over the centuries has contributed to our understanding of the world, and how the future will look like. They clearly show […]