Wise and Foolish

Wise CatBefore God we are equally Wise, and equally FoolishAlbert Einstein. The concept of a society where everyone follows the same rules, the same morals and the same spirituality, sounds peaceful and simple. Everyone is fighting the Good fight, and keep making the same mistakes.

The Wise is the framework of rules, morals and spirituality. It is brought on by the Old and Experienced, followed by the Young and Stupid. Follow them, do good, and you will be rewarded. Ignore them, do bad, any you will be punished. It’s either good or bad, right or wrong, wise or foolish. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Do like everyone else and make the obvious choice. The morals are essential for the comfort of your fellow man, you know what to do, and when to do it.

The Foolish are the ones who despise The Wise. Their actions may not be of free will, but the outcome is clear. They go against the framework of rules, morals and spirituality. The rules need change, and some are unessential. The morals are up to each and everyone of us, they can’t be read and need adaptation. Spirituality? Adults with imaginary friends are stupid.

Foolish is just a word, the definition changes with time and interpreter. To go against something, because you and others think it’s wrong, is always good. Change is good, it’s the way of the Universe, nothing ever stays the same, on any level. Perhaps it is the Wise who are the Foolish? And the Foolish who are the Wise?

The Wise are the Foolish, and the Foolish the Wise

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