Tag: Choice

  • Wise and Foolish

    Before God we are equally Wise, and equally Foolish – Albert Einstein. The concept of a society where everyone follows the same rules, the same morals and the same spirituality, sounds peaceful and simple. Everyone is fighting the Good fight, and keep making the same mistakes.

  • Contrast

    Everyone has a choice. A or B, perhaps C?. The two dimensional nature of our being leaves us with a simplistic, symmetric structure. Two eyes, two ears. Two arms, two legs and two brain halves. There are deep thinking philosophers, or perhaps daring people, who chose to take the Middle Path. And ignore the obvious…

  • Vinyl or CD?

    I did a little research on what music format people prefer, and here’s my results so far: Name: Age: Vinyl or CD?: Adrene 50> Vinyl Jan 40> Vinyl Per 50> Vinyl Agneta 50> CD Anna 20> CD Richard 20> CD Kerstin 50> CD Chanette 20> CD Thomas 40> CD Karin 40> CD I’m quite surprised that CD is so…