ContrastEveryone has a choice. A or B, perhaps C?. The two dimensional nature of our being leaves us with a simplistic, symmetric structure. Two eyes, two ears. Two arms, two legs and two brain halves. There are deep thinking philosophers, or perhaps daring people, who chose to take the Middle Path. And ignore the obvious Contrast

The distinction between Two Objects in our sight, is defined by our ability to Focus our eyes. You see two actions taking place, both containing rapid movement, yet you can only focus on one of them. Two possibilities, one choice, 50/50. Both of the actions are equally important to you, truly difficult, what a dilemma. You are exited by the movement, you use the full potential of your focus and the limits of your Mindfulness. Yet, you are frightened to make the choice, between a good thing, and a good thing. The Middle Path is out of this world, and unachievable.

The distinction between What is Good and Bad, is defined by our submissive position of the authority and overall culture. The contrast is easy to grasp, the focus is clear. Do Good, and you will be rewarded. Your reputation will grow, and only Good things will happen to you. Do Bad, and you will be punished. Your once Good reputation will slowly diminish, your future will be filled with unbearable suffering and other bad things.

Do what You feel is right, because most of the time, it is

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