Concept of Time

TimeWhat is Time? Is it something that We have made up? Or is it another constant of the Universe? Is it simple movement through the length of space, measured by time? Is it essential for us to perceive the three dimensions correctly? Is there any, or will there be any explanation to the Concept of Time

We experience four distinct dimensions X, Y, Z and Time. Three dimensions is easy to grasp, you can both see them, move around in them and control them. Time you cannot. Time is impossible to control, Time will always move forward, no matter what you do. There has been many stories based on time travel, the excitement of experiencing what has been and what will be, the possibility for horrible encounters and devastating consequences.

The eternal question of time, does it move like an arrow? Flying straight, ever changing, always something new ahead. Or does it move in circles, repeating what has already been. Whatever the answer is, one thing is certain, Everything is always changing. Nothing stands still, objects may appear to be still, but look closer. The molecules are moving, the atoms are moving, the electrons are moving. And so are you, both physically and emotionally.

Go With The Flow, Of Time

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