The Universe and You

UniverseThe word Universe is defined by being a very large, mostly empty, space. We think of the Universe as being filled with allot of matter and circle-like objects, stretching along to infinity. No matter how hard you look, how hard you try, there never seems to be any end in sight. The limitations of our mind has left us here, will there be a next step? In the understanding of The Universe and You

The Universe is a very big place, and We are one of the smallest living things in it. We are less than a grain of sand in this ginormous of a space, there is nothing like us out there to compare us to, as far as We know. The vacuum that surrounds us is full of movement, ruled by the universal constants. No one knows how or where it came from, or how long it is going to exist. Perhaps this is not the only Universe, perhaps there are dimensions We cannot see, or are meant to see.

You are a Universe. Your ways are the objects and your values are the constants. Your ways are in a constant change, just like the eternal movement in the Universe. Your values always stays the same, just like the Universal constants. You may feel great, happy and laughing, eternal happiness. Change comes along and you feel the direct opposite. You go from being born, flourishing, growing larger. To something new, you implode and become smaller, harder to see. Almost invisible, in the vacuum of your mind. Maybe you will go back, maybe not, the possibility exists. You values are still the same, your opinion on how everything should be is still out of this world, not possible to accomplish. But you bob in the illusion that you are getting closer.

You can be less that a grain of sand in an eternal Universe, or a Universe yourself

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