What is Life?

BacteriaWhat is Life?, or rather, how do you Defy life? It is a tricky concept to get your head around, with many possibilities for answers, but with little understanding of them. Life can mean simple unintentional movement, to complex living organisms. They both exist, which of them gets the cake?

Life on Earth is defined by the complex organisms that live here. From simple one cell algae, to the million cell based human beings. The cells are Living, they move around and multiply, they feed and expel waste. Human beings work with the same biological mechanism, with one unique feature, consciousness or awareness. We have the knowledge and capability to live, move, feed and multiply almost anywhere on Earth. And in some configuration, Space.

Life in the Universe is defined by Our Own type of life, in other words, biological. But does Life equal biology? Isn’t something moving truly living? Mankind is so selfish and egotistic to think that We are the ones that defy what life is, We are the ultimate, We are unique. The universe is also full of life. Jupiter is the feminine force, moving around the Masculine, our Sun. With her children Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. They are all moving, they are Living.

Life is nothing that is only true to Earth, it always has and always will be, around.

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