Hot n Cold

Nature is fascinating, both Hot n Cold. She will show the most mysterious phenomena at Her extremes, reactive when hot, superconductive when cold. She acts as the catalyst for life, we owe everything to Her. Man has learned to master the usefulness of Her hot reactions and conductive properties, for fun and profit.

When She is Hot, She helps others bond together. She provides an environment fit for Life and development. She makes reactions between elements and compounds work much quicker, and more efficiently. The warmth She deliberately spews up from the ground, is beneficial and Essential for the busy life up above. Man has learned to tame Her heat, for His own profit. She kindly plays along with His greed, most of the time.

When She is Cold, She is associated with death and destruction, the end of time, the long rest. Her cold is considered worse by some of us, less comfortable than Her warmth. Her lack of heat and energy helps Man preserve what is essential to Him, nothing can eat what is cold. When Man takes Her Down to her extreme, She shows the most amazing of features. A particular gas shows no sign of viscosity, how can super cooled gas, that in turn turns into a liquid, show no signs of viscosity? It’s unheard of. Yet, She is able to pull it of.

There is more mysteries to unlock, She does not give anything up without a fight. Man climbs higher and higher to the top, only to discover that there is an even higher peak not to far away. Man has had many uses for Her heat. The entire industrial revolution depended on the mastering of it. Perhaps in the future, Cold will be the next step.

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