Dominant Gene

DominantI am the Dominant Gene. Your futile attempts on gaining the crowd, and proving me wrong gets you nowhere. Your head is full of words and facts, you utter them to the best of your abilities, hoping something will gain you ground. You fail miserably, you don’t know half of what you are saying means. You are in the submissive position of the Dominant Gene.

You should have stayed in your comfort zone, your once like-minded allies no longer accept you. Your new and wild ideas are to daring, they cannot take the risk, the relation to the public is to important. You have to find your own way now, you have stated your thoughts and ideas, and have done your best trying to prove them.

You linger alone, in a society where no one understands your ideas. You are the Outcast, the Fallen Angel of the crowd. Your newly gained status and reputation promises a dark and bland future, the damage your Out of the line act has caused may never be repaired. Better make the best of it.

The lesson? Don’t mess with the worlds ways.

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