Egotistic and Unwilling

Argon DischargeIt’s not hard to find you, you are everywhere, more common than others. There is plenty of you to go around, you have many uses in our lives, you make some tasks easier to overcome. You are sometimes the only one who can help us, the others like you are to hard to find and not as profitable as you are. To bad you are such Egotistic and Unwilling.

You are Egotistic, you don’t want to work or cooperate with anyone else, only yourself is good enough. You exist as a single entity, your mono attitude is holy to you, just like your other five relatives. You are very good at tasks that sometimes scares us, where others are not good enough. You rarely let others interfere or manipulate you, whatever happens, you stay the same.

You are Unwilling to join forces with others. You are aware that others envy your configuration, and would do anything to be like you, even if it costs them their unique properties. It’s not impossible to join you with others, but your demands for us to do so, are out of this world, and once those demands are fulfilled, you degrade into what you where before.

You Argon, are Egotistic and Unwilling to do what we want. But in your current state, you are still helpful.

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