Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneThe ultimate sacrifice to our own development, to Step Out of The Comfort Zone. To reach the goal, you must sacrifice your own comfort. You may get hurt, you may get humiliated. But the reward overshadows the past, and the future is bright. All because you where willing to Step Out of the Comfort Zone.

The Comfort Zone is both a physical and mental place of mind, where all of the effects are predictable by our own cause. You know what will happen, therefor you can prevent the effects. What a wonderful world to live in, and a boring one. Nothing new or exiting ever happens, you wait and wait for an eternity, without moving and with every step carefully planed. You will eventually become bored and restless, without any knowledge on why, or what you can do to prevent it.

Stepping Out is the process of first becoming mindful and fully aware of your situation, then do thinks that are unnatural to you. Stepping Out is not the same as acting stupid or reckless, those actions involves people around you, whereas Stepping Out involves only You. If your actions cause more suffering amongst others than it was before, only then are you stupid and reckless.

Before you can help others, You must first help yourself

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