Resistance of Destruction

Io And JupiterThe pulling force of the great one is pulling me apart, literally. The constant hatred She reflects towards me makes me active and self-destructive, but has never killed me. It simply made me unique. Now I am like none of her three other children. I am the only one who is active on the outside, because of my Resistance of Destruction.

There is no need for any further introduction. I am Io, living together with my mother Jupiter. She is a hard but fair mother, letting me in close but on her conditions. I don’t ask for anything more than her love, taking me in her orbit and keeping me there. Her gravity is tiresome for me, pulling my inner core towards her. The outcome is friction, friction from my core to my outer shell. The heat generated melts my shell and keeps it from ever staying solid.

The love from someone keeps us in their grasp, unaware of our submissive and beneficial position. The relation may give us new knowledge and experience, but also keeps us in control and ignorant. Control over ourselves and ignorance towards reality. Our whole existence depends on one relationship, makes us ignorant of the true reality and degrades our creativity. One hard dilemma of existence. If you connect, you are happy with little to none self-development. If you choose not to connect, you are depressed with endless possibilities of development.

Choose wisely, for it depends on your life

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