Tag: Love

  • Tattoo – Rose Scorpion

    All the love to my new found obsession, Artist @marcusdixon and his scetch Poisonous Romance. Now permanently tattooed to my left arm <3

  • Resistance of Destruction

    The pulling force of the great one is pulling me apart, literally. The constant hatred She reflects towards me makes me active and self-destructive, but has never killed me. It simply made me unique. Now I am like none of her three other children. I am the only one who is active on the outside,…

  • Forbidden Fruit, Good or Bad?

    There are may interpretations of Forbidden Fruit, religious, political, metaphorical etc. Ihave my own little interpretation. And it involves love, relationships and lust. How the first taste of one of these, or all of them, will affect you in the future. If I speak for myself, I’ve had a very mixed experience, which has lead…

  • Compromise With Life

    Is it possible to compromise with life? I don’t think so. Life doesn’t care about how you feel or think, only you do. No matter what happens to you, all of the physical constants will stay the same, time will move forward and you will feel as good or bad as you did before. But…

  • Peace, Love & Coke

    ☮ ♥ & Coke MMMmmmmmmmm, Coke