Forbidden Fruit, Good or Bad?

There are may interpretations of Forbidden Fruit, religious, political, metaphorical etc. Ihave my own little interpretation. And it involves love, relationships and lust. How the first taste of one of these, or all of them, will affect you in the future. If I speak for myself, I’ve had a very mixed experience, which has lead me to this conclusion: I cannot possibly, by myself, figure out if it’s a Good or Bad thing. Sure, it’s always good with new experiences, but the mix and match of suffering and discomfort makes me think.

Let’s say you have met the love of your life, neither you or your partner can stop thinking of you together. Every minute alone from one another feels like an eternity, and you hardly get any sleep at night. I’m sure you are familiar with this, I am to (all to well), but just stop and think for a second. Is this Good or Bad?

In terms of physical health, on a long term, it can’t be very healthy. Both your brain and body needs sleep in order to function properly, it’s the time of the day where your body rests and develops, and the enormous nerve system of the brain has time to defragment, which can also affect you mental health (or whats left of it).

I guess it’s just another part of life you have to suffer through, there are no detours or one-size-fits-all solution. You have to work it out by yourself, still, there is no shame in asking for help or advice. If you feel the need to, just do it, they’ll understand. But before you do that, stop and think, flick the philosophical switch, and enjoy what you discover.

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