The Grudge Between Silver and Jupiter

I can see them in the sky, looking at each other with a constant grudge. They are like two queens trying to outnumber each other in glory and wealth. Silver has the glory of sustaining life. Jupiter has the wealth of having so much resources. They are both equally important, Silver sustains the life of seven billion people on Tellus, And Jupiter is mother to it’s four children Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Is it true? Or just an illusion? Are they in a cosmic grudge? Or is it just my mind? Could it be that one of them is jealous of the other? Or is my mind to simplistic to understand the situation? Whatever it may be, something is up, at least from my point of view.

Let’s have a look at what they both consist of:


  • 45.4% SiO2
  • 14.9% Al2O3
  • 14.1% FeO
  • 11.8% CaO
  • 9.2% MgO
  • 3.9% TiO2
  • 0.6% Na2O


  • 89.8% H2
  • 10.2% He
  • 0.3% CH4
  • 0.026% NH3
  • 0.003% HD
  • 0.0006% C2H6
  • 0.0004% H2O

In terms of resources, Silver may think she is the winner, since she has more “useful” compositions of elements, elements that are commonly found here on earth that helps life evolve. However, Jupiter consists of allot of Hydrogen gas (H2) which acts as a building block for Helium (He) and all of the other heavier elements, such as metals. In this battle, they cancel each other out.

In terms of glory, Silver, as I mentioned before, sustains life here on Earth, with her gravitational pull. She constantly pulls on Earth, creating the tides, which is essential for the life and evolution of marine life, including ourselves. Jupiter also deserves a bit of glory, She has for the entire lifetime of humans, even before we knew she existed, been deflecting asteroids on it’s path to earth. Together with her children.
Again, they cancel each other out.

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