Compromise With Life

Is it possible to compromise with life? I don’t think so. Life doesn’t care about how you feel or think, only you do. No matter what happens to you, all of the physical constants will stay the same, time will move forward and you will feel as good or bad as you did before. But don’t give up, look at the beauty of the universe, look at the stars and planets above your head. They circle around in the same galaxy as before, they get bigger and bigger until they explode, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end, all of the matter is conserved and eventually form something just as big and beautiful as it once was.

In the same way as stars power them self’s with nuclear fusion, you have to power your own life with love, compassion and happiness. Towards yourself and the people around you. You can sit down and count the days since you left your love, and be there forever. Or you can move on and form something new. With all of the love, compassion and happiness you once had, it’s still there, all you have to do is use it.

Cheer up and see the beauty, all of the happy couples around, the animals mate with each other, the plants and trees spreading their seeds. They know what to do, and you should to. Forget about the sadness of the past, it’s was one big disappointment and it will happen again. It’s life, go on and live.

How are you today?

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