Tag: Philosophy

  • LinkedIn Profile: Life Philosophers

    Guess what? I just joined LinkedIn! And I have created a new group, titled: Life Philosophers. If you are a member of LinkedIn, and are interested in deep philosophical questions, then I strongly suggest you join the group. I will read all of the feedback you, hopefully, provide. I will do my part, after all, […]

  • Vampire Madness, Fad or Philosophy?

    What is it with this madness? Why does every girl I meet these days so into Vampire stuffs? Is it because of the movies? books? TV series? Or is it something else, or more? I’ve done some thinking on this subject, and I have come up with two theories, I’ll type them out for you, […]

  • Another Brick In The Wall, Another Grain Of Sand

    Everyone feels special once in a while, and you should, you may be doing stuff that no one in your perimeter dares to do. Perhaps asking that girl out, or performing that crazy stunt. It’s those things that makes us unique, and continuously keeps our life-force flowing. But what if you where to realize that […]

  • Compromise With Life

    Is it possible to compromise with life? I don’t think so. Life doesn’t care about how you feel or think, only you do. No matter what happens to you, all of the physical constants will stay the same, time will move forward and you will feel as good or bad as you did before. But […]