Vampire Madness, Fad or Philosophy?

What is it with this madness? Why does every girl I meet these days so into Vampire stuffs? Is it because of the movies? books? TV series? Or is it something else, or more? I’ve done some thinking on this subject, and I have come up with two theories, I’ll type them out for you, and you decide if there is anything to them.

First, I think this is nothing more than a Fad. Fads come and go, some like to stick to them, others go with the flow. It’s not hard to understand that something new and popular is exciting to the crowd, especially the younger generation. Although, the stories about vampires have been around for almost 200 years, it’s nothing new about it. But what is new is watching and reading these fantasies in an environment similar to the real world today. A young girl with family and emotional problems finds the love of her life, in school, who just happens to be a Vampire… The story is nothing new and very cliche, throw in some Vampires, no one will see the difference.

My second theory is of Philosophy, a quite serious topic. There is something attracting with the permission of expressing your Gluttony, Lust and Superior mind. Vampires are cursed beings, and need to feed on blood in order to survive. In the same way, you need to express your Gluttony on all material- and mindful things around you, to stay sane. Vampires, when they are hungry, feel an uncontrollable Lust for blood. Just one droop on the ground makes them go crazy. In the same way, you may feel the lust for sex, closeness or anything else that makes you feel good. Just one touch or one small cloth removed from your victim, and the lust gets uncontrollable. It is said that Vampires have a Superior mind, or senses. They feel when something is out of the ordinary, they react instantly and take action. In the same way, you may want the ability to read your emotions, or emotions of others.

Remember, always do what you feel is right.
Whatever you learn, Learn it for your own sake — Latin Proverb

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