Confidence Is Key

Ever wondered about how the big guys get to the top? Where they start and how they stay on track? Confidence my friend. If you don’t have confidence, you ain’t going nowhere. They have all discovered their inner strengths and learned how to use them, as well as their weaknesses and how to tame them.

Many of these men and women (no names included) had some sort of mentor or role model once in their life, that helped them set the bar of what they could handle. They’ve spent allot of time imitating what they do. Their strength, attitude and energy is contagious to the receiver. And they find that their confidence quickly increases.

A large part of being confident and successful, is constantly recalling on your past achievements. Whether you remember it or not, you have always done something successful and possibly failed a couple of times on the way. But failure is a part of being successful, it defines what success is. It’s like in a large company, you have to spend money to make money. In the same way, you have to Fail in order to Succeed.

How is your confidence on a scale from 0-10, right now?

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