School or Sanity First?

What comes first? School perhaps? That’s something you probably would hear from your own mother, or some other person close to you. I think it’s an very interesting question, because you hear the argument over and over again, that school comes first, before fun, before friends, before everything else you could think of. But what about your sanity, shall you study forever? Until you can no longer do it?

The way I picture school is nothing more than preparation for the rest of your life, the challenges you will face, the jobs you’ll have, the communication with your fellow others. So the obvious conclusion is that school is a good thing, sure, I’m not arguing that. But if school, your studies, comes first. Then what about the rest of your young life?

I know for a fact that the human being doesn’t work that way, we have allot of needs that need to be fulfilled before we can prepare for the future. Such as, our sanity. If we are not sane enough to live with ourselves, then what is there to live for? We must have fun once in a while to cope with the stress of school, or else we become insane. And I’m sure that your parents don’t want that, or do they? 😉

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