You Can Never Be Stupid Again

Ever thought about how good life was all those years ago? All the things you did, the things you thought, the things of mystery. Free from impure thoughts, free from strange feelings and emotions. Then it all changed. You where no longer allowed to do those things, the thoughts became taboo, the mysteries became common sense. The impure thoughts became things to strive for, strange feelings overwhelm you, the emotions are in control. Why does this happen to me?

You can’t close your eyes, hold your breath and hope for the best forever. You have to go on with your life, make new friends, keep exploring. Like you have been doing all this time. But just stop what you are doing and think, wasn’t it great? You should off course by no means let it go over your head, just lightly recall what it was like, all those years ago.

When I were younger, I was a happy boy who loved to ride his bicycle for long periods, until my hip muscles where acing and I didn’t have a drop of sweat left. It was a meditative experience, I didn’t think about anything else but keeping those legs moving. Just keep going, up the hill, down the hill, and all over again. Everything around me were so simple. I didn’t understand how nature worked, nor why smoking was bad for you, but it didn’t matter, only Me, Myself and I matters. How I was supposed to get home before dinner, how long I could run before I got tired, how much candy I could eat before I felt sick, how long I could hold my breath.

Everything around me was one big mystery. Where does wind come from? Why does the stars sparkle? Why do I have to stay here all day? Why can’t I be with mommy all day? Doesn’t she like me? How does telephony work? Where do I come from? All a big mystery, annoying, yet exciting.
With a mind that constantly is developing, jumping from one thought to the next, each day is a new adventure, nothing could stand in your way. The features of a man and a woman, were nothing special, nothing exciting. They had their differences, physical and emotional, for some unknown reason. Some of them hugged and kissed, screamed at each other, held hands, walked alone.

Visiting mom and dads friends was always something that came unexpected and exciting, the same for visiting a fellow friend. As soon as you arrived, you got overwhelmed. What should I do? Everyone is hugging and kissing you, should I do the same? I think it’s best to stay here, next to mommy, she’s the only one who understands me.

POW! No more…

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