Tag: Family

  • Anders Palmér – Sheep Family (Fårfamilj)

    A pretty lithography by Anders Palmér

  • You Can Never Be Stupid Again

    Ever thought about how good life was all those years ago? All the things you did, the things you thought, the things of mystery. Free from impure thoughts, free from strange feelings and emotions. Then it all changed. You where no longer allowed to do those things, the thoughts became taboo, the mysteries became common…

  • Little Ducklings

    Me and my mom where out walking the other day, and we came across some beautiful little ducklings! I took some pictures, have a look: And yes, i know, the quality could have been better. But if you look closely, you can see the little ducklings and their mom. ♥

  • A Stroll Up Pico Bandama

    Me and my family where on vacation to the Canary Islands and where on a tour up in the mountains, Pico Bandama. Here’s some pics: