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  • LinkedIn Profile: Life Philosophers

    Guess what? I just joined LinkedIn! And I have created a new group, titled: Life Philosophers. If you are a member of LinkedIn, and are interested in deep philosophical questions, then I strongly suggest you join the group. I will read all of the feedback you, hopefully, provide. I will do my part, after all, […]

  • You Can Never Be Stupid Again

    Ever thought about how good life was all those years ago? All the things you did, the things you thought, the things of mystery. Free from impure thoughts, free from strange feelings and emotions. Then it all changed. You where no longer allowed to do those things, the thoughts became taboo, the mysteries became common […]

  • My Thoughts On The Excel Saga Anime

    The thumbs are clickable Hi! Here are my thoughts on the excel saga anime….. WTH is this!! I find this anime extremely confusing, it seems to be about three or four different stories taking place at the same time, from what i understand. The main story is about Excel and her companion (who’s name i […]