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  • Compromise With Life

    Is it possible to compromise with life? I don’t think so. Life doesn’t care about how you feel or think, only you do. No matter what happens to you, all of the physical constants will stay the same, time will move forward and you will feel as good or bad as you did before. But […]

  • Nuclear Knowledge

    I had a brainwave about learning some more stuff about Uranium, nuclear radiation and it’s risks, and here’s what i’ve collected. Uranium Ore By Weight: 99.28% Uranium-238 0.71% Uranium-235 0.0058% Uranium-234 Uranium-235 = Nuclear Fuel, Atom Bomb Uranium-238 = Depleted Uranium Low-enriched uranium (reactor grade): 3-4% U-235 Highly enriched uranium (weapons grade): 90% U-235 Radioactive […]