Freedom in Truth

Statue Of TruthEveryone has the same capability, dare to disagree and find the Truth in questions. You have been told since you where born, to follow and listen to your Superior. Divine being or elderly, the intention is same, Dogma. To break the chain takes great courage and risk. In other words, to see the Freedom in Truth.

One thought will lead to another, and the idea matures with time. Refuse to agree with the majority, spread the radical ideas among the crowd. All of the past criticism have been accepted, and been solved through careful analysis. You have a unique ability, a Power. The power to invent ideas, instead of agreeing with those of others. The constant self-investigation of your mind has given you control, control over your psyche and judgment. You have the advantage of resolving inner and outer conflicts, there is no fear. You are in control. The desires are already satisfied, there is only infinite greed to be filled. The Truth is the ultimate goal, it overshadows the importance of everything else.

With the active mind developing and creating ideas, the physical world becomes less important. The Truth in your questions are fulfilled, there are no mysteries, nothing is holy. Where the crowd is busy trying to satisfy their infinite indulging greed. And following the agreement of their superior, dogmatically without judgment. You, the Philosopher, experience isolation. You took the risk, ate the forbidden fruit and now you are Enlightened. You have no part in the hierarchical pyramid of society, you are strictly a observer.

The Truth will set you Free, but first it will make you MiserableJames Garfield

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