Strength in Character

Olympic StrengthThere are some people in the world today who are weak minded. That is, let their emotion and passion control their life. The strong character has the unique ability to control them. And to develop Integrity, Courage, Fortitude, Honesty and Loyalty in them selves. That’s the true Strength in Character.

The Weak let emotion, passion and instinct control their reason. The myriad of temptations that bombards the individual on a daily basis, is to much to resist. The facts are clouded, and logic is illogical. The sadness of losing something close to you, makes the world around you look dark and unforgiving. There is only the negative and pessimistic outlook. The irresistible seduction of intimacy with the opposite sex overwhelms you. The nature of your being forces you to express your sexual selection, Everything will be perfect once I get him/her in bed. The impulsive acts of violence is an dark remnant of your beings aggressive past, they are no longer tolerated and viewed as immature.

The Strong has the courage and dominance to overcome anything, the true leader. He does not give up, or wait for the opportunity. But makes the appropriate preparation and deals with the situation with the best of his ability. Reason and logic is the true way of judging any situation, not from pure emotion. He creates new ideas through his creativity, and is content with his current equipment he use to create. He seeks peace and harmony in all of his compassionate deeds, and he does not take advantage of other for his personal goals.

Be neither a Pessimist, Nor an Optimist. But a Leader

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