Line of Thought

Amorphous CarbonUncontrollable ways of thought, impossible to follow. Feelings and emotions come and go, once they are identified they are lost. Just like the irregular crystalline structure of Amorphous Carbon, the chemical composition that tries but fail, my mind has no pattern. It was once produced out of thin air, with a bright future, but never established a Line of Thought.

It tried to be like the big and proud structures. Such as: Buckminsterfullerene, Graphene and Diamond. But failed. They all have such predictable futures, with every move set in stone. One line of thought has a direct bond to another. Spinning around in circles, racing around a hexagonal track or hoping from top to bottom in a pyramid. The next move is always set before it occurs, in an infinite loop.

Is it a curse, or a privilege, to be unable to stay on track. With fine structures rarely occurring, and an uncontrolled mesh occupying most of the time. It has the ability to create the new, to think of ideas never before imagined, with terrible lack of experience. To be cocked up for centuries, only to be predictable. Or to rise from uncontrolled burning, and be creative.

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