Independent, Not Evil

Lucem FerreTo play by your own rules, and not follow those of others, is sometimes regarded as Evil. The Rebellious lifestyle and judgment is considered stupid, or immature by the masses. It doesn’t only imply to law and order, but philosophy and line of thought. You are only human. And Independent, Not Evil.

The world Independent has many meanings. Some defy it as free from economical compensation from friends and family. Me, Myself and I defy it as the ability to think for yourself. The Strength in Character allows you to resist the myriad of Temptations, Passions and Emotional influences, that penetrates you on a daily basis. The Temptation of overindulging salty snacks and sweets. The Passion of regular intimacy. The Emotional response from the latest Hollywood movie. All will affect you. The conscious, unconscious, all the way to your ego.

What’s so wrong and Evil with disagreeing with the terms of the majority. To think that it is just another obligation to society, is just as selfish as what the statement imply. Disagree, and you will be silenced, thrown in jail or accused of false acts. Agree, and you will be rewarded, gain access to luxury and freedom from stress. Only at the low price of your minds Independence.

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