True Appreciation and the Act of Giving

BlueberrysNothing will last forever. Friendships, Partners, Parents, Brothers and Sisters. Like everything in nature they will, like you, one day go away. Therefore it is important to show True Appreciation and practice the Act of Giving. Not once, not twice. But the whole time you spend with these wonderful individuals.

Appreciate what you got, and what you shall receive from your superiors. Don’t spend any effort in thanking any supposed divine being, You control your life. Take pride in your Independence and use your current status among the crowd for the benefit of everyone. Correct what you feel is wrong, and gain followers by being honest and true. Soon you will be the leader of the hierarchy, on top of the world. And everyone will learn to Appreciate you.

The Act of Giving is an important act. There is the symbolism of gifts. A beautiful flower, a rose, symbolises the impermanence of nature. Once big, proud and beautiful. Then small, dead and wilted. It is a cycle that is both identified with birth and death, happiness and sadness. Gifts don’t have to be material, they can be of love and knowledge. To show kind love through words and deeds to your partner, while it’s still there. Teach the uneducated the wonders of life and compassion. If you remain true, It will follow them throughout their life.

Appreciate what you Got, and Give what you don’t need

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