Ever seen a heart in a HTML document? Or perhaps a Word processing document? Not an image, an actual hear, in which you can copy and paste. Just like it was a part of the font package. Well it is, on most operating systems. And it’s apart of UTF-8 UNICODE, so you can use it almost anywhere, just make sure you have to right syntax. Here’s the syntax for some symbols in HTML:

Name Symbol HTML CODE
Heart-1: &#9829
Heart-2: &#9825
Star-1: &#9733
Star-2: &#9734
Ohm: &#x2384
Sun: &#9737
Mercury: &#9791
Venus: &#9792
Earth-Moon: ♁ ☽ &#9793-&#9789
Mars: &#9794
Ceres: &#9907
Jupiter: &#9795
Saturn: &#9796
Uranus: &#9797
Neptune: &#9798
Pluto: &#9799

Cool huh? If you want more, check out Peppoj.net/symb.html for more. Keep checking it, cause I will keep adding stuff that I find interesting.

Do you have a symbol you want me to add? Leave a comment!

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