Passbolt – Login/Recover Account Without Email

Once Passbolt is deployed there is not much else to think about. You retrieve login credentials, auto-fill them with it’s browser extension and iOS App. But what if.. what if you want to use your Passbolt installation on another browser? On another computer? And even worse… Don’t have any Email servers configured for the recovery/login process ?

Here’s how to retrieve the login/recovery URL without any email configured

First, login on the new browser/computer as you normally would:

Second, Run the following two SQL queries to get the UserID and newly generated Recovery Token

# Get UserID
SELECT id FROM users WHERE username = '[email protected]';
| id                                   |
| 980A0716-B571-46EA-BBAC-678E5C1479CE |

# Get Recovery Token (use the above 'id')
SELECT token FROM authentication_tokens WHER user_id = '980A0716-B571-46EA-BBAC-678E5C1479CE' AND TYPE = 'recover' ORDER BY created DESC LIMIT 1;
| token                                |
| 228E16B1-317B-4ED9-A195-C910E1E2F34D |

Third, Manually create the recovery URL like so:


Using the above example:


Finally, Enter the Passbolt Database password and passbolt-recovery-kit.asc if prompted.

Recover my soul ?

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