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  • Kubernetes – Useful Network Policy Generator

    Kubernetes – Useful Network Policy Generator

    Kubernetes policy’s are hard, wouldn’t it be awesome if there were some graphical tool to visualize a new policy? Wait, there is! The editor is available at: Firewall, ish 👾

  • Linode – Free $100 Credit!

    Linode – Free $100 Credit!

    Linode is great. Affordable, easy to use, quick setup. All of my server hosting (including this site!) are through Linode. If you feel like trying it out (or have grown tired of AWS, GCP, Azure etc..) use my referral link For a $100 60-day credit: You’ll receive a $100, 60-day credit once a valid […]

  • Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Kubernetes – Passbolt Kubernetes Deployment

    Passbolt is great. It provides a secure and very useful interface for password/manual secret storage. Both the Firefox addon and iOS App works great, and are easy to setup and use. The available documentation explains installation on most platforms, including Ubuntu and Docker, but no “basic” Kubernetes deployment. With that said, I am aware of […]

  • Kubernetes – Port-Forward To Kubernetes Service

    Kubernetes – Port-Forward To Kubernetes Service

    Kubernetes service only available inside the cluster? Do you need to connect and test something? Port-forward from your client to the cluster! Only using kubectl. The syntax is as follows: So let’s say you want to connect to a MySQL Service only available in the cluster network. And the service is called “mysql-service”: The MySQL […]

  • CURL Print Only Header

    CURL Print Only Header

    Sometimes you need to debug, or test, some web-server and you only need to read the response header from your request. Curling and scrolling, or curling and less:ing… nah. All you need to remember is -sIX GET: Example output: Watch your head(er) 👾