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  • How to secretly follow someone on Instagram using RSS

    The willingness of Social Media users to share personal information today, is a stalkers dream. There is no art in viewing a Instagram feed anonymously, but grabbing updates, comments and likes without the user knowing. Requires a little clever use free services and RSS-feeds. Note that in order for this to work, the Instagram user MUST […]

  • How To: Send and receive files with Ncat (formerly NetCat)

    As with any application in Linux, piping the output from an application to a logfile or perhaps another application. Can sometimes clarify what is going on. It would be even better if you could “cat” any output over the Network (Ncat, get it?) to another computer. That is where Ncat comes in. First, some basics […]

  • How to: Add time/date stamp in Linux – Linux Tutorial

    Sometimes you need to add a handy time-stamp to your bash output. For back-up purposes, archiving-purposes or just for experimenting. Doing so is simple, you just need to add the $date command to your output. First, some basics (All the variables are case-sensitive): date – Display the current date %y – Add current year %m […]

  • How To: Create a Simple Image Gallery with HTML tables

    Sometimes you just want a simple Image Gallery. With no php, javascript or flashy Adobe flash required. Just simple, quick and dirty HTML that you can type out and be done with your post. What you will need: The images you want to use in their Original format Every image in a thumbnail format (duplicates, […]

  • iPhone App: WiFi Photo Transfer (Free) – Send iPhone photos over WiFi

    Sharing photos with an iPhone is easy. Just plug it into a Mac, PC or (depending on libimobiledevice) Linux. The phone should be, after a very unexciting driver install, recognized as some sort of digital camera or similar, by the system. The age of Wireless is here, and tangly wires should only be used for […]