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  • Kubernetes – Delete All Completed Jobs One-Liner

    Kubernetes – Delete All Completed Jobs One-Liner

    Sometimes you forget, or don’t want to add, successfulJobsHistoryLimit or event perhaps failedJobsHistoryLimit. Whatever the case, the end result looks something like this: You can of course go and kubectl delete all of them, but a much quicker solution is using this one-liner: Running the above one-line will list all the jobs in the default […]

  • Kubernetes – Useful Shorthands for Kubectl

    Kubernetes – Useful Shorthands for Kubectl

    Useful aliases for kubectl that I use Add these to ~/.zshrc (ZShell) or ~/.bashrc (Bash)

  • How To: Netcat – Check for open ports with the command line

    Kitty Port-checking When troubleshooting a network integration or any other connection issue in Linux, step one is usually a matter of checking to see if the network port on the other side is even responding. Netcat -The network Swiss Army knife (Hobbit, not nmap)- is the right tool for the job. Before we begin, NetCat […]

  • How To: Monitor NetCat File Upload Progress using PV

    Using NetCat to upload files can sometimes be handy, however it would be awesome if you could track the upload ETA and not just stare patiently for a prompt. PV, or “Pipe Viewer”, is a handy little command that allows you to track the progress of any Unix pipe. Using it as an replacement for […]

  • Axel, the Accelerated Wget

    When downloading large files in Linux, wget gets the job done but isn’t very fast. When speed is of the issue, a multi-connection tool is needed. That is where axel, a simple command-line based download accelerator, comes in. Axel is as easy to use as wget, it may not have the advanced features such as […]