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  • Blog Commercial

    The official peppoj.net blog commercial, Larry explains what the peppoj.net blog does and what he thinks. Sarah has no idea…

  • LinkedIn Profile: Life Philosophers

    Guess what? I just joined LinkedIn! And I have created a new group, titled: Life Philosophers. If you are a member of LinkedIn, and are interested in deep philosophical questions, then I strongly suggest you join the group. I will read all of the feedback you, hopefully, provide. I will do my part, after all, […]

  • Depression: My Thoughts and Experiences

    I don’t know if I have been so personal as i’m about to be in this post, i’m about to share with you my own thoughts and experiences with depression. Me, Myself and I had about 2-4 years of varying depression. It’s been a inspiring, fascinating and most of all sad experience. Not me or anyone else know […]

  • Marshmallow Fluff

    I FREAKIN’ LOVE MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!! I did something very odd the other day, that i never thought I would do, I bought and ate a whole jar of marshmallow fluff, in one day! I feel so disgusting :S

  • My Thoughts On Linux

    What’s peppoj’s take on Linux? Well, i have to say that i don’t use Linux very much these days, but i used to be a full time Linux user. These days i use either Mac 10.6 for work and Windows XP for games and rarely boot up Linux, however i find the Linux community quite […]